Sri Lanka

An intro to Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka is one of the most populous yet most unexplored islands in the world. Sitting like a tear drop in the Indian Ocean, years of civil war in Sri Lanka, combined with the terrible affects of the Asian Tsunami in 2005 has left this beautiful country devoid of tourists. All the better for the few who do travel there. Sri Lanka is a paradise of beach, forest and mountain scenery, wildlife and above all some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Lankan’s infectious smiles and arm-outstretched welcomes make you wonder how this lovely little island can possibly be so under-visited by tourists.

Of course, Sri Lanka is poor. So very poor. Whilst beers will cost you $1, and food not much more, infrastructure and conditions are far from western. Take care drinking tap water, but more importantly, care for your environment and show people how to do so. Keep the poor but beautiful country clean.

Lanka Challenge

In September 2009 I took part in the Lanka Challenge, a tuk tuk ride over 100 miles around Sri Lanka. I have several blog posts about the amazng adventure. Check out the Tuk Tuk race category or the official Lanka Challenge website here.