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North American adventure

I left Rio about 2 weeks ago and embarked on the final leg of my year long around-the-world adventure in continent number 5 North America. I met up with Tim in Boston in time for some 4th of July madness, and we have since travelled north through the forests of Vermont, entered Canada and French speaking Quebec, partied in the capital Ottawa and are now relaxing by Lake Ontario in a place called Kingston.

The trip has been great so far – so much to talk about, but as is usual with travelling (and to my surprise in US and Canada) the internet hasn’t been great. Many hotels have a net connection but it often costs to use or is too unstable to sustain a long connection. Poor internet and too much to see leads to poor updating.

But, i’ve been keeping a note of all the great things North america has to offer, and of course taking plenty of photos, so I will update as soon as time allows.

North American adventure posted on July 13th, 2010 | Category: around the world, North America, road trip, world travel

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