Arguably India’s best kept and most westernised city, Mumbai is a heaving metropolis of new Indian wealth alongside some of India’s poorest yet hardest working citizens. Whilst rarely for India, you will find metered cabs, pavements (side walks) and several western shops, you will also find Mumbai is full of street beggars and touts trying to sell tourists all manner of tours, hotel rooms and goods such as statues, saris, hats and even cowboy whips. Mumbai does have a long stretch of beach, however the water is black and sand covered in plastic filth. The hanging gardens high on the hill are very beautiful and worth a trip, as too is the Jain temple and Ghandi´s House – all of which offer a good insight into Mumbai life free of charge.

Mumbai slum tour

Brought to the forefront of the Western world’s mind by the film Slumdog Millionaire, Mumbai’s slums are both an enchanting economic miracle and a national tragedy. A trip to the slums of Mumbai will show you just how much of a community, economy and fantastic home-life the slum dwellers have made for themselves. You will be amazed at how clean and functional many of the homes are – all with running water and electricity and some even with computers. Unfortunately, the dark side is all too present to see also. The dwellers will tell you of the corruption and difficulty they face in receiving their promised new homes, schooling for the kids and health care – all of which they should receive from the state but which in reality most rarely do. You will see a school with class sizes of 60 where teachers never turn up.