Good old Spain. The Brits’ favourite holiday destination and also one of mine – in Europe at least. Not only does Spain have that much cherished-by-Brits Sun, but it is steeped in history, full of amazing Architecture and best of all, has some fantastic people. Of course, the recent economic problems since 2009 have caused mass unemployment and a lack of tourists from the UK which has no doubt damaged Spanish people’s great outlook on life. It is almost because of this that I urge you to go to Spain – not just the tourist destinations on the Costa Blanca, but see some of the fabulous cities like Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia.

I first visited Ibiza back in 1999, but back then I had no camera or indeed remember much after those crazy nights in Ibiza’s super clubs. Since then, I’ve visited Barcelona in 2007 and Madrid in 2010 as well as Torrevieja several times in-between . See the photos of each below.

Madrid photos from February 2010

Map of Spain

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