Belize travel guide in brief: Hopping acoss the border from Mexico to Belize is like entering a different world. I never thought borders made such a difference to people and scenery until i’d been to Belize. Unlike Spanish speaking, taco eating, jeans and sombrero wearing Mexicans, Belizians speak English, eat the and look Caribbean and love their loud reggae music. As soon as we changed public buses at the border on went the music and out came the bum wiggling dances!

Out on the Belizian island of Caye Caulker, I experienced the best diving ever. Stingrays, nurse sharks and loggerhead turtles clammor at your boat for you to film them. The water is crystal clear turqoise blue and the beaches white and spotless.

On mainland Belize, we stayed in San Ignacio, where there are some amazing jungle river systems, waterfalls and cave systems to explore. Be careful to properly store your camera in a waterproof bag or alternatively don’t flip your Kyack or you’ll end up cameraless like me. This is certainly where travel insurance comes in handy – a tip for next time! The nightlife here is awesome too – with partying all night. Beware however – we were escorted home by security guards as our group was being followed and watched all night. Be careful of crime in San Ignacio and wider Belize – the only downside to a beautiful country.