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My main experience with Africa has been a wonderful trip to Tanzania to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in 2007. You can see my Kilimanjaro photos here. I’ve also travelled to the north african holiday resort country of Tunisia, but this was really a sunbathing holiday, therefore I have little to add regarding cultural experiences of Africa.

Tanzania in Africa is an enthrauling country. While much of sub-saharan africa is out of bounds to tourists due to civil wars, dictatorships or abject poverty, whilst the later certainly exists in Tanzania, this is no barrier to travel in africa. Africa is so vast and fairly undiscovered, however a trip here should be considered carefully. Standards are far lower than those in Europe and north africa, and disease, food, water and basic sanitation can be hard to come by. This aside, Africa is teeming with wildlife, exciting and culturally diverse people and undiscovered beauty. A trip to Africa will open your eyes to a new under-discovered world.

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